House Heading To Higher Ground

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FALLS TOWNSHIP -- A house swamped by the historic flood of 2011 is on the move to higher ground.

The place along the Susquehanna River in Wyoming County was jacked up Thursday and put on wheels.

We got a look at the project to try to protect the home from future floods. It's a job to move a home that's been through a lot.

Workers cut away the beams that held the house in Falls in place during the flood of 2011. It flooded but it didn't wash away like it did in the Agnes flood in 1972.

"After Agnes it was washed off its foundation and we had to pull it back onto our property and raise it and then restore it," said owner Chuck Purosky.

The house is now on the move again.

It didn't take long for crews to have the place slowly lifted,  jacked up, and ready to head to higher ground, a spot farther from the river.

Purosky watched it all closely.  This has been a summertime destination for his family since the 1940s.

"It's amazing how fast they can do it.  Because having done it myself by hand with jacks and timbers, to see them do it this fast, they've done what took us months in a few hours."

"Oh, I think it's fascinating. I think these guys are amazing at what they do," said neighbor Maria Dorton

Dorton came to watch it all, amazed as they put wheels underneath to make it ready to roll. She knows this crew well. After the 2011 flood, they raised her house and foundation just down the road.

"It's amazing that they can do this stuff and preserve the homes."

Not only do they have to drive the house up to the new location, but once they get it there, then comes the interesting part.  They have to jack the house up to get it up on pillars.

"I have no idea how they're going to do it, so I'm just going to watch and take pictures and hope everything comes out fine," Purosky said.

He's believes up on pillars the house should stay flood-free. It will just be a little less of a riverfront home.

"It's a shame having to be back from the river.  We enjoyed it being closer to the river so it's a tradeoff, but we'll have a nice view because we'll be so much higher."

The workers moving the house are hoping to have it in place by the end of the day Friday.