Friend Facing Attempted Homicide Charge for Stabbing

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Two teenagers who just graduated from Carbondale Area High School were roommates and started taking college classes together.

But, police say one of them stabbed the other Wednesday night, and now the young man faces attempted homicide charges.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the family of 19-year-old Anjelica Sona of Carbondale. They said they took in Anjelica’s friend Anthony Lowden about a month ago because he had fallen on hard times. They said they couldn’t imagine or explain what happened Wednesday night only weeks after the friends graduated from high school.

The “Class of 2013” decorations were still hanging in the windows at the Sona family’s house on Sand Street in Carbondale. But now, Anjelica Sona’s blood has stained the end of the driveway and her family can’t understand how this happened.

“[He] graduated with her, went to college with her, [she was] just trying to help somebody out and this is what happens?” said Anjelica’s sister Mandy Sona.

Her family said Anjelica asked them to take in her friend Anthony Lowden, seen here on the left. Lowden had fallen on hard times and Anjelica wanted to see him graduate from Carbondale area high school.

The pair graduated only two weeks ago and started taking classes at Empire Beauty School.

Neighors said Anjelica and Anthony got into an argument over money Wednesday night, that argument turned into a fight, and all of a sudden Anjelica started yelling that she had been stabbed.

“She was screaming, she was in a lot of pain, she was bleeding quite a bit. I just wanted to get a cold compress on her, apply pressure to all the wounds. That’s what we did and we kind of kept her calm until they got here,” said neighbor Gloria Maddage.

According to court papers, before police got to Sand Street, they ran into Anthony Lowden on Pike Street. Police said Lowden took a knife out of his pocket, threw it on the ground, and said “I shouldn’t have done it”.

Lowden was arrested and charged with attempted homicide for allegedly stabbing Anjelica Sona six times. Though he surrendered to police, he didn’t offer an explanation.

That’s what Anjelica’s family and friends are looking for, they want to know how a friendship could have ended like this.

“Everyone spoke highly of the kid, he was a good person, but obviously there are two side to everyone,” added Maddage.

Anthony Lowden is locked up at the Lackawanna County Prison on $50,000 bail.

Anjelica Sona has been released from the hospital, her family said she’s in pain but is expected to be OK.