Beautify Your Backyard: Daylilies & Pruning

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Daylilies – Happy Ever Appster & Trophy Taker

These daylilies have been developed by one of my professors, Daryl Apps, from Penn State University. Daryl left Penn State to become the head of education at Longwood Gardens. Then started a daylily nursery and hybridized these varieties of daylilies which have unique advantages over most daylilies.

These daylilies have been produced for length of bloom, size of flower (some 6” wide), or color of flower.

Here are just a few of the varieties although many more are available:

Happy Ever Appster Varieties:

Happy-Ever-Appster-Daylily-Apricot-Sparkles Happy-Ever-Appster-Daylily-Dynamite-Returns Happy-Ever-Appster-Daylily-Just-Plum-Happy Happy-Ever-Appster-Daylily-When-My-Sweetheart-Returns

Trophy Taker Varieties:

Trophy-Taker-Daylily-Carmen-Renee Trophy-Taker-Daylily-Moonlit-Masquerade Trophy-Taker-Daylily-Apache-War-Dance Trophy-Taker-Daylily-Royal-Frosting

Deadheading & Pruning

Now is the time to start deadheading perennials and roses. Also, any of your shrubs that have already bloomed can be pruned now so you have flowers in the spring. If you prune these plants in late summer or fall you will eliminate spring flowers.

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