Barber Shop Busted

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WILKES-BARRE -- The Attorney General's office says the owner of the Master Barber Shop on Hazle Street in Wilkes-Barre was the ringleader of this drug trafficking operation. His wife was involved too. So were some employees from a furniture store across the street. Today, police raided what they call the "hub and epicenter" of the drug ring.

Cops lined Hazle and McLean Streets in Wilkes-Barre. Walking dogs in and out of the Master Barber Shop and Idely's Furniture to sniff for drugs. Police say an eight month-long investigation led to five arrests for a major drug trafficking operation working out of this barber shop.

People who live near the businesses say it all makes sense now.

"I didn't think nothing wrong, until this morning."

Deputy Attorney General Tim Doherty called Ramon Colon of Wilkes-Barre the leader of the drug ring. He was arraigned in Kingston. Colon owns the barber shop where Doherty says the group distributed cocaine and marijuana throughout Luzerne County.

Colon's wife, Alexandra Mateo, was also charged. So were Freddy Reyes from Mountain Top, David Castro from Hazleton, and David Hernandez from Wilkes-Barre. Some of these men work at the furniture store across the street from the barber shop.

Miguel Perdomo owns the business next to the furniture store. He says he was also questioned.

""They asked me if they can search my building. I said 'Of course. I have nothing to hide.'"

Just hours after this raid happened, signs are now posted to the barber shop and the furniture store, saying that they're unfit for human habitation. Neighbors say they're not surprised.

"I leave here between 10:30 and 20 to 11, and it seems real weird that a barber shop is open and guys are getting hair cut."