Woman Sentenced on Abuse Charges

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BLOOMSBURG -- A judge sentenced a woman from Berwick Wednesday for forcing two children to engage in sex acts with each other.

Christina Allen will spend at least six months in jail and must register with Megan's Law as a sex offender.

Allen pleaded guilty last month to two counts of indecent assault for making two children perform sex acts on each other back in 2011.  The judge in Columbia County says he sentenced her along the standard guidelines, because a pre-sentence investigation found Allen has an intellectual disability.

Allen, of Berwick, walked into the Columbia County Courthouse a free woman but left in handcuffs.  She did not talk to reporters, and did not speak inside the courtroom as the judge in Columbia County sentenced her to six months to almost two years in jail.

Her boyfriend at the time, Daniel Galindo was found not guilty of similar charges in December of last year.  Both children testified at Galindo's trial and both said it was Christina Allen who made them touch each other inappropriately.  Allen also testified at the trial, and told the judge conflicting stories.

The children's mother spoke at Allen's sentencing, saying, "I want her to be punished for what she did.  My two children and I now have trust issues.  This has affected us in a lot of ways."

The victims' mother also spoke about the negative effect the abuse had on her two children.  She said her children are moving on with the help of loving family and friends. Christina Allen was taken right to jail, where she is scheduled to stay for at least six months.