Water Woes in Pine Grove Township

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PINE GROVE TOWNSHIP---Monday morning, Sharon Fidler had water at her home in Swatara Village in Pine Grove Township in Schuylkill County, but then she said dark fluid began coming out of her tap and then no water at all.

"Then it went to nothing, not even dripping but it's black again and it looks like little sand particles in it and it is black. "

Swatara Village is a development with 140 houses and about 220 residents.

Folks with the development said a well that provides water has a problem, though they are not yet sure what that problem is exactly.

There was no water in Swatara Village, a smaller nearby housing development and an assisted living facility since Monday.

"There's no excuse for it, I don't see what the problem is," said Swatara Village resident Jane Heine, who was filling jugs of water at her son's home.

Bottled drinking water was available at the office in Swatara Village, donated by companies.

"Our first water donations came from B G's Supermarket and donations came from Wegmans and Walmart and we greatly appreciate all the generosity that they're showing to the community here," said Swatara Village President James Morgan.

A local fire department set up an inflatable pool for folks to collect water to flush their toilets, too.

D.E.P. officials are expected to be in Pine Grove Township Wednesday morning to assess the water problems.