Protecting Campers From The Heat

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LOWER TOWAMENSING TOWNSHIP -- The heat and humidity were a concern for an outdoors summer camp in Carbon County.  Officials are making sure dozens of children are safe from the effects of the sun.

There is something new at Blue Mountain Ski Area near Palmerton. It's called Adventure Camp. Dozens of kids try their hands at archery, kayaking, and even some high-flying action. The kids wear a harness, and then are pulled high in the air, a release is triggered, and the rider is on a giant swing.

Paige Beil said she was excited by the ride.

"Once you go down, you feel all that adrenaline, it's really fun! Yeah, it kind of shocked me how fast I was going!"

Most of the activities are outdoors, and that means there are potential problems with the high heat and humidity.

Camper Kendall Scott knows the preventative treatment is lots of water.

"It's amazing. The staff is very nice, they always nag at us to drink, which is good in this heat and everybody works together really well," Scott explained.

Another camper Jakob Schwabe said he makes sure he is hydrated.

"We have canisters or bottles that we get to drink out of and refill them once we get thirsty again."

Blue Mountain official Tina Buckley said while the kids have fun, her employees watch for physical problems caused by the heat.

"We do have our staff trained in those issues, too and what signs of heat exhaustion to look for, and if we do have kids that show those signs, we take them inside and cool off and recover."

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