Lightning Damage In Throop

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THROOP-- A lightning strike damaged the steeple of a former church on Sanderson Street in Throop Monday afternoon. That same lightning strike or a second strike damaged a nearby tree as well, according to Throop fire officials.

"It was nuts. I couldn’t believe it. It hit me hard, scared me. ”

Mike Filler was looking out his window when he heard and felt the strike hit.

"Boom! It was crazy; I felt it, like in the chest. It was nuts and then I heard another one, it was back here, hit the tree," he said.

"I was in the basement, and I heard a big bang. My son said the first boom hit the steeple," said Kim Seigle of Throop.

"I heard the first strike and then I heard the second strike in the back and the tree, some of the wood came out of the tree. It was intense," agreed Nishit Patel of Scranton who was working nearby.

Fire officials in Throop said both the steeple and tree will have to be taken down for safety.

"I couldn’t believe it. Never had a storm like that, come out of nowhere," said Filler.

Several people who live near the lightning strike or strikes reported power outages Monday afternoon.