A Church In Action

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MONTROSE -- A house of worship put its faith into action in Susquehanna County.

Over the weekend, the congregation went out into the community to help in any way possible.

It was not a normal Sunday morning for the Bridgewater Baptist Church.  Instead of worshiping indoors, the congregation went out into Montrose.

Volunteers washed windows and swept the storefronts, all before the Fourth of July parade.  All this hard work is a way to "be the church" not just "go to church."

"We think it's important as a church to not only learn about how to live like a Christian but also how to act like one," said Pastor Brett Bixby.

The whole congregation got into the act, both old and young.

"You get to help the people and you get to wash the windows and help with things like they can't do because they have their businesses," Amy Oakley.

Even more church members were at the Susquehanna County Humane Society. They cleaned cages and provided some TLC for orphaned animals.

Kathy Moskowitz and her son Joshua have pets of their own and figured this was a good way to help the community.

"If you can give back to your community, even if it's just for an hour or two, it's a great thing to do," said Kathy Moskowitz.

"It makes you get outside and get fresh air, also helping animals," said Joshua Moskowitz .

It's the second year the Baptist church has skipped a church service in lieu of a day of service and it's safe to say this congregation will do it again.

"It's nice to be able to do some stuff for the community. And what better way to do it than to not only advertise our church, but to help furry friends of ours?" asked Nicholas Robbins.