Fly-in Brings History Home to Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- Hundreds of planes made the journey home this week to Clinton County.

The annual Sentimental Journey Fly-in in Lock Haven brings a bit of that city's history back for flying fans to enjoy.

The skies over Lock Haven were buzzing with the sound of single-engine planes.

On the ground, people by the hundreds came out to see all sorts of piper cubs at the annual Fly-in.

"It's great just watching them land and the spot landings and everything it's really cool," said Ed Crouse of Shermans Dale.

Cool, if you consider that fans of the flying machines make a point to be at the Piper Memorial Airport each year for the Fly-in, no matter how far they have to travel.

"A lot of different planes, a lot of old timers that know a lot of things, you can learn a lot from talking to people," said Karl Dembik of Cody, Wyoming.

The Piper Cubs are more than just airplanes to people in Lock Haven. They were built at a facility in the city for generations and now they've come back home.

"First time since about 1950 it's been back to lock haven, brought it home to bring it back to its roots," said Darin Meggers.

Meggers traveled nearly 20 hours from Montana to fly-in his Super Cub, the very first of its kind ever made.

Meggers and his father spent months restoring the plane so they could share it with everyone at the Fly-in.

"It's once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Can't believe the reception of it. Everybody's so excited to see it in original condition, not modified," said Meggers.

The Sentimental Journey Fly-in runs through Saturday at Piper Memorial Airport in Lock Haven.