Does It Really Work: The Year So Far

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The past six months have proven very interesting for product tests.  Our testers have spanned all generations.   We've tested lots of products as well.  Some worked well and others did not.   Here are a couple of our more memorable moments from the first half of the year.

In January we needed to clean our ears.  The Waxvac promised to do just that without the danger of damaging your eardrum with Q-Tips or other foreign objects.  Just simply put the tip of the Waxvac against your ear and turn it on.  It will suck all the wax out of your ear.  Yeah, right.

"I felt more of the air moving across my ear," said Kavan Munley of Andrew Brown's Pharmacy.

"Did you open it up to see if there was anything in it?"

"I don't see much of anything," Munley said

The only thing we found the Waxvac does, is clean your wallet of $20, not your ears.  It got thumbs down.

In February we were hanging out with faculty and staff at Riverside West Elementary School in Taylor.   We wanted to find out if the Soda Stream works.

We found it does work and the kids loved it.  Especially the sound it makes when carbonating the soda.

We paid $100 dollars for the Soda Stream on Amazon.

Also in February we needed coal.   We wanted to see if the Load Handler 3000 could really unload a ton of coal in 90 seconds.  We found it can.  Our executive producer Dave Krisanda shows us on time lapse.  We were impressed and gave the Load Handler 3000 thumbs up.   We paid $169 for it on Amazon.

Also, by popular demand we tested Rabbit TV.  Only $10 and you get thousands of TV channels on your computer.  We found it links to television cable and network websites not thousands of free TV channels.

We tested lots of other products like the Miracle Socks.   They're supposed to help people with sore legs and feet.  Most of our testers said it did, they gave it thumbs up.

In May, we tested lots of interesting products, one was the Chillow, a cooling unit for your pillow.  The maker claims no matter what side of the pillow you put your head on, it's always cool.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and our testers gave it thumbs down.

But hands down, the most requested product review over the last six months was The Hurrycane.  We had a lot of volunteers help us with this test and they all loved it.  It got a big thumbs up.  After this product test aired we received lots of phone calls.