New Restaurant Opens In Historic Train Station

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TAMAQUA -- A new restaurant has opened in a historic train station in Schuylkill County.

Officials say while the prior owner didn't have enough business and closed, the new owners believe that won't happen to them.

The latest addition to the restored train station in Tamaqua has opened.  It's called Vonz and there were lots of customers streaming in.

Co-owner Yvonne Sidella said she is pleased.

"It was almost like Christmas morning as a kid, Christmas Eve as a kid. You can't sleep because of the anticipation but after I got up, it was on. The game has started."

The train station is from the era when locomotives were the main way to travel and haul merchandise.

Co-owner Rich Sidella said he they searched for the perfect spot and found it in downtown Tamaqua.

"It was the focal point of the town. We had looked at other restaurants in rural settings and we were concerned about that and being successful and not being in main street traffic."

Customer Peter Redmond was impressed with the menu, the food offered and the look of Tamaqua's latest business.

"I like it. They snazzed it up a little bit, it's fresher, it's nicer. It should be nice."

The owners say they've hired about a dozen employees and more jobs may open up.

Jordan Berg is a bartender. Berg explained he was without a job for a year and is glad he was hired.

"I attended college for four years. It's rough especially finding restaurant jobs around here."

Although the former owners of the restaurant closed in December of 2012, apparently because of a lack of business, the current owners say they're here to stay.