Turkey Terror for Wayne County Family

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WANYE COUNTY – A wild turkey caused a great deal of terror for a family in Wayne County after crashing through their kitchen window Monday morning

The window above the Freda’s kitchen sink is boarded up, but the family from Lake Township still can’t believe what flew through it.

"I just heard a boom, and then `shhhhhh` like glass shattering and then my husband I hear him `ahhh`,” said Lisa Freda.

A wild turkey crashed through this double pane glass window at The Hideout, where Anthony Freda was washing out paint supplies Monday morning. The bird knocked him down, making quite the entrance.

"This turkey that`s in our house, in our sink shrieking, and then water running and the glass, still falling it was a complete visual overload,” said Freda.

Freda was bleeding badly after being cut by the glass and the rest of the family didn’t immediately know what happened.

"I got really scared and nervous because there`s glass and blood everywhere I thought someone got hurt badly,” said Angelina Freda.

home video taken just moments after it all happened shows broken dishes and feathers in the sink. The turkey had fallen back out of the window and ran into the woods, leaving only feathers behind.

For the turkey to fly through the center of the window, it had to have been up in the air about nine to ten feet, and when Freda got to the emergency room, it was a story even doctors didn`t believe.

"They said they`ve heard everything and they`ve never heard of a flying turkey going through a window,” said Lisa Freda.

"I told them what happened and they said OK, tell us what really happened. They never heard of something like that before,” said Freda.

He’s still got stiches all through his left hand. Freda says he’ll be OK, and the window will be replaced.

The PA Game Commission says birds flying into windows does happen from time to time, but that it’s more common to hear of turkeys hitting cars, not homes.