Tots Get Taught Fire Safety

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POTTSVILLE -- More than one month after a fire killed a family in Schuylkill County including four children, the community of Pottsville came together to promote fire safety.

Kids and their parents gathered Monday night at DHH Lengle Middle School in Pottsville for a public safety night out.

The program was hosted by the Pottsville Fire Department to help teach children about what to do if they see or smell fire.

"Kids are questioning their parents, making sure that, 'hey mom and dad, did you check? Do we have a smoke detector? Does it work?' Hopefully they're understanding what to do in case of a fire. We don't want to see anybody hiding in a closet or running away when we're coming in to get them out. So hopefully they all have a sense of what to do in case something happens," said Assistant Chief Jason Witmier.

Monday's event was in response to last month's deadly fire which killed four children and two adults at their home on Pierce Street in Pottsville.

During an investigation, officials determined there were no working fire alarm systems in the home at the time of the blaze.