Taste Test: Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwbacks

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Summer officially begins in a few days and people are already heading to the pools to cool off. So for this week's Taste Test, we decided to head to Nay Aug Park in Scranton to give people a different way to cool off with the Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwback sodas.

Pepsi has decided to bring back two of their most popular sodas in glass bottles: Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwbacks made with real sugar instead of corn syrup.

To put the throwback sodas to the test, we asked kids and adults at Nay Aug what they thought.

Our Pepsi taste testers went first.

"It's more bubblier, sweet but the real Pepsi like, it doesn't taste that good, better than this," Logan said.

"It's better because its real sugar and without the corn syrup, it tastes much better," said Fardeen Amiri.

After we got a thumbs-up for the throwback Pepsi look and taste, our Mountain Dew taste testers were up next.

"It's more bubbly and it has more taste to it. So I like it," said Sarah Swaen.

Nadia Silsh says she loves the new Mountain Dew throwback look.

"It's more fancy, I like the lettering of it," said Silsh.

"It was sweeter than the regular Mountain Dew. I mean, as you explained, it was made from real sugar. Kind of not as tasteful as regular Mountain Dew, but you know, it was still pretty good," said James Hamlin from Scranton.

James's father says he remembers the old Pepsi glass bottles and says he's always been a huge fan of the old-school taste and look.

"It tastes just like regular Pepsi but with the glass bottle it's always better. I always preferred the glass bottle when I was a kid because you put it in the freezer 15 minutes before hand and everything gets frosty and cold and it just has a crisper taste to it," said Bob Hamlin.

Overall both the Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwbacks, got two thumbs up. We found them at Gerrity's for $3.99 for a four-pack.