Searchers Seeking Missing Teen

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MOUNT CARMEL -- A large search effort continues for a missing teenager in Northumberland County.  Police say the teen didn't come home after going for a run Monday night near Mount Carmel.

Around 50 volunteers and rescue workers are still searching the wooded area behind Mount Carmel Area High School.  Investigators believe that is where Mackenzie Greco, 17, went running Monday.  Police call the wooded area dangerous and say there are steep hills and rocky terrain.mackenzie greco

According to police, Greco of Marion Heights, went for a run and never came home.  Police believe he was running in the wooded area behind Mount Carmel Area High School.

"This morning around 8:30, we activated fire, EMS, emergency management to assist us in doing a land search of this area," said Chief Brian Hollenbush, Mount Carmel Township Police.

Rescuers searched in groups, carrying cell phones and maps and wearing bright colors.

"(I) woke up this morning and I had some text messages from everybody so I ran down here to see what was going on," said Don Glasper.

"He's a really good friend of ours and we want to help find him.  He's a nice kid," said Justin Skavery.

Mackenzie Greco is home schooled but runs cross country for Mount Carmel Area.  His teammates say the wooded area behind the high school is a popular spot to run but it can be dangerous.

"There's a lot of rocky areas and there's a lot of places that you can walk off of the path," Cathy Fletcher said.

Police said Mackenzie was last seen about six blocks away from the command post.  Investigators say his image showed up on a surveillance camera outside a building and that he was walking toward the high school, which is why investigators are focusing their search efforts there.

Police say Greco was last seen wearing a red shirt, dark shorts and carrying a black and red backpack.  His friends say he does not have a cell phone.

"It's a waiting game for now, trying to use all our resources wisely and try to figure it out," said Michael Saukaitis.

The search for Mackenzie Greco will continue until it gets dark.  The Mount Carmel Township police chief says at this point they do not need any more volunteers.