New Hotel Looking To Hire

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Dozens of jobs were up for grabs Tuesday at a career fair near Wilkes-Barre.

Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs is hiring employees for its new hotel scheduled to open in just a few months.

A ballroom, just off the casino floor, filled with people who want to become the newest employees of Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.

A 238-room hotel and convention center, complete with spa and bistro, opens near Wilkes-Barre later this year.

Briana Williams of Wilkes-Barre says she needs one of the jobs there.  a recent job loss forced her to cut short classes for early childhood education.

"It's been really hard.  I was in school and I had to, for financial reasons, I couldn't go back to school, so I'm just looking for a job in the meantime until I'm able to get back to my education," Williams said.

She said she's optimistic she can land one of the jobs there

"It'll work out," she added.

With 250 jobs available, the people at Mohegan Sun have their ballroom divided into specialties such as the spa, security, and - one of the longest lines - hotel operations.

That's where we met Stacy Phillips of Scranton.  Now, she works part-time in retail.  She needs a full time job for money to raise a couple of teenagers.

"I work part time.  I have two kids and I want a full time job, so it's very important and I hope to do my best."

Phillips says her store recently reduced her hours, so finding full time work is more important than ever.  She admits she's nervous but hopeful.

Mohegan Sun employees scheduled interviews, talked with potential employees, telling them what the jobs are all about, looking for the staff that will help make their new hotel a success.