New Grocery Store Attracts Big Crowds

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- It seemed like the day before Thanksgiving in one section of the Poconos.

Hundreds of people came out to do some shopping at a brand new grocery store in Marshalls Creek and some items didn't stay on store shelves for long.

Customers mobbed the new Price Chopper on Route 209 in Marshalls Creek.  It was opening day for this grocery store and the aisles were packed with people eager to do some shopping.

"They have porterhouses for $4 a pound, that's fabulous," said Ginny Lawson, Middle Smithfield Township.

"It's gorgeous. It's humongous," Ronald King said.

King lives near Price Chopper in Middle Smithfield Township and says this grocery store is needed in his community.

"This is a store and a half, I'll tell you. It's about time they get something like this here."

Over at the bakery, crowds of people surrounded the donut racks, grabbing what they could before supplies ran out.

"It's donuts, six for 99 cents," said Catherine Botten of Bushkill.

"What are you going to do with all the donuts?"

"Give 'em to my neighbor."

"Have you ever seen anything like this?"

"I know, I couldn't even get a box until someone just handed me one," Botten said.

Price Chopper only opened up hours ago and it didn't take long for customers to fill the grocery store. It's so busy, it's almost like the day before Thanksgiving.

"It is amazing, there are so many people here," laughed Lawson.

The manager says he's also been hearing his fair share of compliments on the store.

"As a customer told me, our seafood department is 'off the hook'. She said she's never seen a supermarket like this," said Mark Johnson, Price Chopper store manager.

The Price Chopper in Marshalls Creek will be open 24 hours a day and   the complex it's in should have even more stores opening soon.