National Hunger Survey Underway

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MAHANOY CITY -- A national survey is underway dealing with hunger and a food pantry in our area is participating.

Dozens of people stood outside a church in Mahanoy City waiting for the food pantry doors to open. Some of the folks, including William Seibert is down on his luck and doesn't always have enough to eat.

"Some eat cereal, some eat bread and butter, some would have nothing at times," Seibert said.

Dorothy Sweitzer said she has other reasons she needs the food pantry.

"With the economy and stuff, you don't get much with your pay anymore, that's why I come for help with food."

Once inside, people found there was a full grocery order for every family.

Greg Resner, of Schuylkill Community Action said he's been feeding people for 15 years.

"It's wonderful that we're able to do this and I am grateful for the church's willingness to give us the space to do it in, you know? So, it's a great project for a lot of people."

Those getting the groceries were asked to take part in a national hunger survey.

Althea Albright is with the Greater Berks Food Bank which serves Schuylkill County. She addressed the crowd.

"It's going to help you guys in the end because we'll be able to get more meals, more funding for all our food programs." Albright explained.

No names were used but the participants were asked questions about their situation when it came to food, where they get it, and if they have enough.

Michelle Giacomo said she was glad to fill out the survey.

"I think if my answers are going to help, I think that's really important."

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