Was Alleged Hit And Run Self-Defense?

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OLD FORGE — A man from Lackawanna County who was hit by a pickup Saturday morning is still hospitalized and in critical condition.

Newswatch 16 now knows more about how it all happened, from the driver’s perspective.

That alleged driver, Brandon Toth of South Abington Township was arrested over the weekend and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly hitting David Dando with his truck and taking off. But Toth told police he and his passenger were attacked first.brandon toth

According to court papers, on the way home early Saturday morning, Stephanie Williams asked to be dropped off a few blocks away from her house in Old Forge. She didn’t want her husband, David Dando, to come out when she arrived.

That didn’t go as planned. Because Dando pulled up behind Williams who was with her friend in the Austin Heights neighborhood of Old Forge. Williams told police Dando got out of his SUV and repeatedly tried to get into the pickup truck she was in.

The driver of the pickup, Brandon Toth of South Abington Township, is now facing felony charges for what happened next. He told police Dando wouldn’t let up, so Toth ended up hitting Dando with his truck two or three times to try to get away.dando williams

Finally Toth said he had to peel Dando’s fingers off his truck window then Toth took off, according to court paperwork. By the time police arrived he had dropped off Stephanie Williams and headed home.

Newswatch 16 spoke to some neighbors who said they woke up early Saturday morning because David Dando’s headlights were shining through their window. They heard tires screech and came outside to find Dando lying about 50 yards down the street.

Toth and Williams both told police they didn’t know if Dando had been dragged or run over. They said they had to drive away to keep Dando from attacking them.

Dando is in critical condition at a hospital in Scranton.

Police filed charges against Toth hours after the crash. He’s charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Police still don’t have the injured man’s side of the story. Hospital officials say David Dando’s condition hasn’t improved since Saturday; he’s in critical condition.