Kayaker from Beach Lake Still Missing

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PIKE COUNTY – Crews in Pike County say a rescue mission for a kayaker has now turned into a recovery mission.

Sean "Chauncey" Martin of Beach Lake went missing Friday afternoon after his kayak overturned on the Lackawaxen River at Kimbles Falls. Martin was kayaking with a friend along a route he had traveled many times.

All weekend, volunteers and crews from Pennsylvania and New York searched for any signs of Martin.

"We had probably about six or seven boats on the water, probably about 70 to 80 people along the shore and in the woods, searching for the gentleman,” said Lt. Vito Manzione, Forest Fire Department.

People who live close to the river say conditions were treacherous.

“It was a raging boil is the way I'd describe it. The water level was a good four, five feet higher than it is right now,” said Michael Raftery of Palmyra Township.sean martin

Chauncey Martin grew up in Beach Lake and was part of the band Tried To Reason. His fellow band members say Martin was an experienced kayaker.

"They took that trip had to be 30, 40 times not once ever thinking their life was in danger and just, they've been in even higher waters than even that day,” said band member Eddie Seber.

After spending days looking for Martin in the Lackawaxen River, crews had to call off the search due to high water levels.

Crews in that area of Pike County say this mission is now a recovery, a first on this part of the river.

"It was very upsetting, and that's why we had full crew. I'm pretty proud of the guys. Everybody came down to help, because everybody was looking to give closure to the family,” said Lt. Manzione.

Friends of the musician from Beach Lake say they’re still praying for the best.

"Chauncey, we miss you. Hopefully this turns out for the best, and it's not the case that you're gone. We love you and if you are gone, we just hope you're watching over us, man,” said Seber.

The Fish and Boat Commission say it’s had similar incidents along other waterways due to high water levels. Officers are asking boaters and kayakers to be careful.