Attack On Teen Takes Emotional Toll

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HAZLETON -- Reaction is still coming in about a verbal and physical attack directed at a teenager with autism near Hazleton.

The incident has left emotional scars on the victim and others.

Some elementary school children launched a verbal and physical attack by the person taking the pictures, 18-year-old Chris Seaman.

Chris has been diagnosed as autistic.

You can hear the vulgar language and items being tossed out the windows at Chris.

"Tired, lots of nights of no sleep and tears and I'm worried about Chris and how he's doing," said Chris's mother Cheri Seaman. "It's hard to tell with Chris because of his disability. He seems OK then he seems that something is bothering him and he's not himself 100 percent, so we're trying to help him through it the best we can."

Chris's mother owns a day care, and deals with children every day.  She would like some good to come from the attack directed at her son.

"We really want to get the word out these about bullying and that it continues to grow and that it goes national so we can protect all our children," she said.

Lynn Ward, who works for Cheri, says she believes the parents of the kids have to take some blame for the attack.

"Not teaching morals with their children to be disrespectful, it's sad that that would ever happen," Ward said.

Ward also believes parents deserve to take responsibility.

"Yes, because it's all taught from home, how their kids act."

Hazleton Area school administrators say the elementary students involved face suspension when they return from summer vacation and police may file criminal charges.

Cheri Seaman says she has been in touch with school officials and those officials vow not to let this go.