Valley View Girls Softball Fights For State Champs Again

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Here on Penn State’s main campus, the high school girls softball team from Valley View took the field against a team from Erie County, trying to claim the title of state champs.

In the stands above, loyal Valley View fans packed the seats in a sea of blue and yellow.

“Ah man, I’m pumped right now,” said senior Billy Williams. “This is really good for the school, for everything. I mean the softball team has always been good, hope they can pull through this year.”

And the team is hoping to pull through as well.

After an upsetting defeat in the state championships last year, pitcher Gina Chieffallo is hoping to end her senior year with a bang.

“I really do,” said Chieffallo. “To end my career with the state championship would be a cherry on top of a great four years.”

The team’s coaches tell us the booster club arranged for two buses to take fans to the game. Seats on both buses were gone within a day.

Parent Margie Staback managed to snag one of those coveted seats.

“I think there are more fans here than for games in Peckville, I really do, there are so many people, hundreds of people here today,” said Staback.

The team says having that support really makes a difference on the field.

“It’s a big game changer,” said Chieffallo. “Especially when we need the extra confidence, we have the stadium filled.”

“It’s very exciting the girls have worked so hard, E.J. has worked so hard, he’s a fantastic coach, these girls are so talented, it’s like watching it’s like watching a professional team, they’re so well oiled,”  said Kim Muchal of Jessep.

“We were here last year and they’ve come to hopefully finish what they wanted to do all year,” said parent Mark Mecca.

Whatever the outcome, supporters of the girls say just making it to the state championship two years in a row makes them winners already.