Nay Aug Park Spruced Up For Summer

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SCRANTON — It’s a sure sign of summer in Scranton: the city is getting ready to open Nay Aug Park’s pool for swimmers and sunbathers Saturday and there are some big changes at this popular summer spot.

Workers and volunteers were busy wrapping up last minute work to make sure everything is just right for opening day.

Nay Aug’s pool will open up at 11 a.m. Saturday  and visitors will have a lot of new improvements to enjoy throughout the hopefully long hot days of summer.

The pools are filled and the final touches are taken care of. City workers say Scranton’s Nay Aug pools are ready to open.

About a dozen volunteers from Prudential are a big part in making it all happen, mulching, raking, weeding and helping get the park spruced up.

“Yeah, help cleaning up Nay Aug Park.  A few of us are from the area so we thought it was a good thing to do,” said volunteer Jason Berkowitz.

Old amusement park rides are now replaced with beautiful landscaping and areas for swimmers to spread out, especially on those hot days.

“There’s going to be places you can sit down, you know? Families can lay down on their towels under the trees in the shade; it’s going to be nice,” Berkowitz added.

The city also hopes to have summer concerts there, too.

“This is where we’d like to do them from,” said recreation specialist Sandra Opshinsky.  “Easy access to parking, to the concession stand and a nice little intimate atmosphere.”

People visiting Nay Aug Park this summer will also get to take advantage of a new beach volleyball court.  The net will be up just in time for the pool’s opening this weekend.

A new vendor is moving into the concession stand this summer.

Scranton native Tara Kojsza says she’s excited to open Jessie’s Ice Cream Place at Nay Aug pool.

“Why not? Why not add to the beauty of the park and do great things to help make the city successful.”

A full ice cream menu will be available for swimmers to cool off outside of the pool seven days a week.  Kojsza says it’s been a lot of work and hopes it will be all worth it.

“It’s been a long road. We spent about three and a half weeks cleaning, painting, scrubbing, getting equipment organized and we’re ready to go at this point. We’re ready to go,” Kojsza added.

Nay Aug Park’s pool will be open beginning Saturday.

The city still plans to open up two other pools, Weston Field and Weston Park. Those are scheduled to open June 29.