Caregiver Accused of Theft In Court

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MOUNTAINHOME -- A caregiver accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from an elderly woman she was caring for was in court Thursday.

The victim's friends were also there and they said they are hoping to see justice served.

"I have nothing to say," said Jeanette Strausser, 42, of Saylorsburg leaving district court in Mountainhome.

Strausser - who's hearing was rescheduled - is a caregiver, accused of stealing and spending $70,000 from an 82-year-old woman from Cresco she was caring for in 2012.

"I'd like to see justice served."

Nancy Bernstein is a longtime friend and neighbor of the victim.

"This woman Pamela had nothing to begin with then what she did get, it's gone and she has nothing now and this woman took it all," said Bernstein.

Bernstein says she would help the victim pay her bills before Jeanette Strausser was in the picture. Then when Strausser became the elderly woman's caregiver, Bernstein started noticing the bills didn't match up.

"I saw the first evidence of it when I was looking at the bank statement and I saw duplicate food orders going through on there."

Bernstein confronted Strausser and asked to see the receipts of purchases but Bernstein says she was never given receipts from that point on.

State police say Strausser was using the elderly woman's bank card and bought $70,000 worth of items including 40 cases of beer, 56 cartons of cigarettes, and hundreds of dollars at grocery stores and restaurants.

"I would just like to say 'shame on you for doing this to Pamela,'" Bernstein added.

The hearing for Jeanette Strausser is scheduled in Mountainhome next week. As for the friends of the victim, they say they just want to see justice be served.