UPDATE: Crews Called To Roaring Brook, Man Dead

SCRANTON---These young women say they were just out for an afternoon swim in the Roaring Brook area in Scranton when they made a gruesome discovery: a man`s body on a rock near the water.

"Not even 5 minutes of being here I saw like a bunch of shoes and I didn't think anything of it and then I saw a body and my sister swam over there and I called 911 and he was dead," said Felicia Salamone of Moscow.

"I`ve never seen anything like that, it really like kind of traumatized me," said Jade McDonoough of Dalton.

The coroner said the victim was William Guziewicz, 48, of Scranton.

The area where the body was found is a spot known for swimming and jumping from cliff areas into the water and it can be dangerous.

"When I walked down, I slid and I slid right on my butt so all the officers responding were going down on their butts, it was like a really bad situation to get to," said Cassie Salamone of Spring Brook Township.

The swimmers said it was clear to them the man had fallen and hit his head.

They are just not sure how long he`d been there and why he was alone.

They said they will never forget what they saw.

"I started bawling my eyes out, I was in shock and I started getting anxiety, I`ve never seen anything like that before," said Felicia Salamone.


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