Jim Jordan MMA Fighter

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Jim Jordan trains with boxing coach Sean Diggs inside the World Class Boxing facility in Kingston. Jordan undefeated at (4-0) as an amateur takes on (6-6) Philip Parish from New York City Saturday night in Cagefight 17.

"We'll the record doesn't mean a thing to me. He's got three times the amount of fights I have. He's fought the three-minute rounds before so I know he's going to come in calm and relaxed that's what his experience is going to show. That's something I've been focusing on myself. It's a test to myself can I stay focused and stay focused and stay calm and be able to work thru the nerves once the cage locks and the bell sounds," said Jim Jordan.

Jordan should have plenty of support Saturday night from the local crowd and in his corner with guys like Jimmy Hettes and Rex Harris guiding him thru each round.

"I can't wait! From what I understand it's a great environment to host an event such as Cagefight. There's pretty tight quarters that's going to be a lot of people close together which just means you can feel the energy more," again said Jim.

Jim just turned 28 years old and that may be a late start for most MMA fighters, but Jordan has been able to overcome that with his natural athletic ability and his years of playing football at Wyoming Valley West and Wilkes University.

"I had the opportunity to coach with Frank Sheptock two years ago right when I started my MMA career. I was coaching with him and he's part of the reason I feel comfortable and confident going into each and every fight-not only that but every kind of adversity I face in my life. I have to be honest the way that we train is get in and get out. So the first available chance I have for a victory I'm going to take, so it doesn't matter if it's from strikes or it's a submission whatever the fastest way out of the cage is with a victory," added Jim.