School Closings And Delays

Home Evacuated Because Of Meth Lab

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A search is also going on for a man wanted after police raided a suspected meth lab at a home in Schuylkill County. Another suspect already in custody is 59 years old.

Deborah Reedy of Butler Township said she was only staying with a friend, when police swooped in. Reedy insists  she was not part of a meth making operation.

"What wrong with you people, get the,(beep) away from me. Reporter: they say you were manufacturing. Answer:I  was not! ."

Investigators closed Catherine Street near Ashland after a neighbor complained about a strong ammonia smell. Authorities charged Reedy and this man Duane Maurer with setting up a meth lab in Maurer's home. Police Chief Ed Tarantelli said there is always a danger of explosion and fire in running a meth lab.

"The lab team went in there was not an actual cooking process done at that point. That doesn't mean it wasn’t done in recent time too."

The 2 suspects are charged with 5 counts of risking a catastrophe. because the Shadle family who lived next door to where police say the meth lab was were in serious danger.

The Shadle family were asked to leave because of the fumes.  Brenda Shadle said her 15 year old daughter Britney has been ill because of the meth lab tainted air.

"All of a sudden she started to get sick over it. We took her to a neurologist, she blacked out and all. I can't and I want to thank Butler Township for getting them for me ."

Longtime neighbor Mark Trautman is shocked about the meth lab and the trouble it caused for the Shadle family.

"Absolutely scary. A day care center right up the street. I grew up here 50 some years in this town and it's something completely unexpected here."

Deborah Reedy is locked up but Duane Maurer is on the run. Police say he reneged on a promise to surrender.  If you spot him or now know where he is call 911.