Cleaning Up From Heavy Storm Damage

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COAL TOWNSHIP -- People in one part of Northumberland County spent the day cleaning up their homes and yards after last night's flash flooding. Some people had close to four feet of water in their yards.

Margie Cwalina and her family spent the day cleaning up storm damage at her mobile home on West Wood Street near Shamokin.

It was a lot rain in a very short time span. Newswatch 16 meteorologists say around three inches. West Wood Street was covered with water during the storm.

"Everything's soaking wet. The floor, everything is ruined in the kitchen. This carpet you're sitting on was my living room. The hallway had to be ripped, the tiny bedroom has to be ripped and it's even in to my bathroom," Cwalina said.

Just look at the water line on the side of Cwalina's home. There was almost four feet of water in some yards near Shamokin. Cwalina had to be carried out of her home.

"He said to me, if you don't get out of here now your house is going to float away," Cwalina said.

The people who live along West Wood Street say that pipe is the main problem because all of the debris gets caught on that pipe and the water has no place to go but up.

"The trees were in it. The water backed up from there and went up through the yard. What are you going to do," Rich Kashnoski asked.

Rich Kashnoski just finished planting flowers and laying mulch on Sunday. One day later, his yard was turned upside down.

"Water everywhere. It was coming out the gate. It was backed up throughout the yard, through our bar, through the house," Kashnoski said.

"There's even mud in my cupboards in the kitchen. I'm on a fixed income. I can't rip out my cupboards," Cwalina said.

These folks say all they can do is continue cleaning up, and hope the weather stays dry.