Neighbors Fearful After Two People Are Shot

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HAZLETON -- Two people had to be hospitalized in critical condition after gunfire in Hazleton late Saturday night.

While police continue to look for the shooter, neighbors are left to wonder what they can do to keep themselves safe.

The shooting was in the area of Linden Court and West Diamond Avenue in Hazleton. Police say an argument between three people escalated into a man and woman being shot and the trigger man on the run.

Mayor Joseph Yannuzzi said all this concerns him.

"It's just depressing where we have these situations come up and a disagreement or whatever it was turns into gunfire."

Amanda Cybak and Eric Leitzel walk to work where the shooting happened. Leitzel is not surprised by the crime.

"Everything around here is ridiculous. Everything is a joke. Everything is getting bad around here."

Cybak said more law-abiding citizens should help police with information.

"Only the people who want to get involved and other people don't and just shut their doors and don't even act like something happened and it gets worse and worse and worse."

Police say the shootings were not a random act. Even so, Dave Simmons explains the steps he's taking to protect him and his family.

"I am a retired corrections officer so I carry firearms 24 hours a day but I am concerned because in 2001 when I first came here, you didn't have to have carry weapons on you."

Hazleton has 42 police officers and Simmons said he believes adding more would help act as a deterrent.

"The city is out of control with the crime. We need a bigger police force."

Although some citizens and even the mayor would like to see more police officers on the street, that probably Won't be anytime soon due to budget constraints.