Residents React To Disturbing Drug Raid

ASHLEY---Investigators said Jared Padden was growing marajuana and had hundreds of packets of heroin inside a home on cook street in the borough of Ashley, Luzerne County.

Federal state and local authorities raided the home as part of a larger drug investigation this week.

According to Ashley police, it is one of the biggest drug busts in recent history in the small borough.

"Makes you wonder, makes you wonder what's going on around here and what's in our houses," said resident Deidre Simpson.

According to court papers, Padden's drugs along with bullet casings were mixed in with toys and authorities said a child's play table "...was scattered with several toys mixed in with open packets consistent with heroin. "

Padden's 4-year-old son lived in the home with him and was taken by authorities.

Police said the child is now with his mother.

Don Sipple lives just a block from the Padden home and is a member of Ashley borough council.

"It's a big problem in our valley anymore with drugs and unfortunately that happened in our neighborhood and our town. There's a lot of children playing around here, always running around here and it's good to get it off the streets," said Sipple.

"That made me sick. You can't do enough to that gentleman, well, I shouldn't say gentleman, but that person who did that. Not with children," said Dolores Sheppard of Ashley.

Padden is lockd up in the Luzerne County jail on 50-thousand dollars bail.


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