Rain Fails To Dampen Party in the Poconos Setup

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POCONO RACEWAY -- The rain didn't let up all day at Pocono Raceway and it forced race officials to cancel events scheduled for half the day.

Fans weren't too fazed.

It might not have been what many race fans hoped for but the rain didn't stop everyone from driving to the track, setting up, and doing what they could to stay dry.

A group from the Stroudsburg area spent about a month gearing up for this race weekend and for many of the group, this is their first Party in the Poconos.

"Do you have any idea what you're in for?"

"Nope," said Allison Pansy of Stroudsburg.  "But that's OK we're just going to make due with whatever we got."

And they what any prepared partier in the Poconos would have: lots of refreshments and the proper equipment to make cookout cuisine.

The rain may have been a bit of a damper for the crew but they have high hopes for the rest of the race weekend.

"Got to wait for the rest of the weekend, better outcome I'm hoping."

All throughout the day, campers and race fans pulled into their reserved spots and set up shop.  Some fans found creative ways to try and stay dry.

A group from the Milford area put up what they called as a "rain wall" to protect them from the rain and the wind.  Some of their wives decided to stay in the camper and watch their men hard at work.

"Cold, wet and dreary but that's why we stay in the trailer.  We have heat, we have a stove, coffee. Let the guys out there, drink their beer, have fun," said Pat Martell of Dingmans Ferry.

Rain caused the raceway to change a few of their scheduled events for the day.

Although qualifying was canceled some events still took place. Hours ago some lucky fans were able to get autographs from their favorite drivers behind victory lane.

Gates will open at 8 a.m. Saturday.

The big race is set for 1 p.m. Sunday.

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