Berwick Police Cracking Down On Meth, Labs Found In Nearby Communities

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With meth labs popping up in small communities surrounding Berwick, some residents wonder if the aggressive crack on meth lab in Berwick by police is driving meth makers out into more rural areas.

It was at a home on Glenn Avenue in Shickshinny that state police found and removed materials to make methamphetamine Thursday night.

This bust comes just days after two meth labs were raided in the borough on Tuesday, one on West Union Street.

In the second raid, Steven Reider was arrested for running a meth lab on Bear Street.

Shickshinny sits roughly five miles away from Berwick, which has seen an explosion of meth labs in the past few years.

Berwick police have been actively cracking down on meth and some residents believe it`s forcing users elsewhere.

“Yeah I think they`re trying to go in the smaller towns that they think they won`t be noticeable more,” said Sharon Featherman of Shickshinny.

“Is it`s because we`re been as aggressive that you`re seeing it in other areas? it`s possible,” said Berwick Police Chief Ken Strish.

At an anti-drug alliance meeting in March, Berwick police had this map showing where 27 meth labs have be busted since October 2010.

The police chief say since then no labs have been busted.

However, also just five miles away, in a rural community near Mifflinville, a meth lab was found inside a trailer two weeks ago.

Many in this area are wondering why this drug is so popular in this particular area.

“Close access to the interstate, cheaper housing,” said Braandy Switzer of Nescopeck. “I`m not sure why it`s happening here but I`m glad that they`re catching them.”

“It`s always the question of why, the reality is, as we`ve stated, it`s simply too easy to make and it doesn`t cost as much money as other drugs,” said Chief Strish.

Still many in Berwick say the police are doing a great job.

They say educating residents on what to look for has made a big difference for them.

“It`s happened in my neighborhood which I thought was a nice neighborhood and I didn`t even know what was going on so,” said Cathy Chaudry of Berwick.

The next Berwick Anti-Drug Alliance Meeting will be held Tuesday June 11th at 6 pm at Berwick City Hall.