Beautify Your Backyard: Long-lasting Blooms

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Knockout Roses
This group of plants is known for their hardiness and length of bloom from early June thru November. If these plants are deadheaded the blooms will be even more bodacious. Does not need as much insecticidal/fungicidal spray as regular roses and they live! Cut back to 1’ off the ground in the spring.

1-Red-Knockout-Rose 2-Red-Double-Knockout-Rose 3-Pink-Knockout-Rose

Snowmound Spirea
Great white flowers in early June. Gets to be 6-7’ but takes pruning well – prune right after they flower. Tremendous fall color.

4-Snowmound-Spirea 5-Snowmound-Spirea-in-fall

Miss Kim Lilac
Pinkish-purple blooms in late May. Very fragrant. Gets to be 12-15’ high but takes pruning well. Does not get the normal lilac problems like borers and powdery mildew. This is the only lilac with great fall color.

6-Miss-Kim-Lilac 7-Miss-Kim-Lilac-in-fall

Korean Dogwood
Cream colored flowers in early June. Showy red fruit and tremendous fall color. Gets to be about 25’ high.

8-Korean-Dogwood 9-Korean-Dogwood-in-fall

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