Scranton High School Rain Garden

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SCRANTON -- Bright red and yellow flowers are just some of the main attractions here at Scranton High School's rain garden.

The creation was designed and constructed by Mr. Kevin Kays’ AP environmental science class.

"I think it's a great example for the community especially the school because you can see it from all the windows and everyone's asking, ‘what's with the garden?’”, says student Monica O’Malley.

Alex Eiden, another of Mr. Kays students said, “It was a lot more water than I thought, and harnessing all that water and actually using it, and it's only a quarter of the water, all that water is being used and it's a lot, more than I expected!”

Mr. Kays  put together this rain collection system to help teach the importance of protecting the environment.

Water is taken from the roof, then goes through the down spout, and gets collected in drums.

The hundreds of gallons collected will automatically feed the garden through some underground piping.

Kays believes the system filters pollutants as water soaks into the ground, helps reduce flooding and erosion in streams, cuts down on raw sewage flowing into the Lackawanna River, and of course it's free.

“We’re all part of the solution now, we want to be an example to everyone in the community, they can do this at their homes."

PPL and the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority helped pay for the garden that should  be finished in a few weeks,.

Students promise to take this lesson and pass on the Power to Save.