Man Arrested Following Chase, Manhunt

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A wild car chase in Lycoming County led to a manhunt overnight and Thursday morning.

Just as soon as the search was called off police got their guy.

Police said a routine traffic stop in Williamsport Thursday night led to a high-speed chase onto country roads.

At one point, investigators said Millard Beatty III tried to hit an officer with the car he was driving and another officer opened fire on him only to have Beatty slip away into the woods.

State troopers were armed and on the lookout along Route 973 north of Williamsport.

A suspect in a Wednesday night high-speed chase had been spotted again and a state police helicopter was called in to help in the search.

The chase started in Williamsport after police say they pulled Beatty over who then took off. City officers followed him at high speeds to an area about 15 miles northwest of the city.

"Saw a bunch of police officers arriving on scene getting out on foot. Looked like they were looking for something," said Rob Reem who had just come into work at the Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority.

Shortly before noon Friday, the search was called off. A Lycoming County sheriff's deputy and a U.S. Marshal went back to their vehicle.

The two drove a little farther west on Route 973 and spotted Beatty.

Beatty was captured and brought back to the city to face charges. State police said during the chase, Beatty tried to hit a city officer with the car and another city officer opened fire.

Beatty wasn't hit and spent the night in the woods until he was brought in while blaming the whole ordeal on a mental illness.

"You can't get the medication you need, for problems people have. I have an IQ of 164. I'm extremely intelligent, but I'm also bipolar."

Beatty is locked up without bail in Lycoming County.

As for the Williamsport police involved in the chase and shooting, one wasn't hurt seriously and the other is still on full duty while the department looks into its policies after the officer fired multiple rounds at the suspect.