Accused Child Molester Behind Bars

LUZERNE -- Police in Luzerne County arrested a man they claim confessed to touching a young boy and downloading child porn.

Officers picked up Michael Shaw, 38, at his home on Bennett Street in Luzerne Wednesday evening.

According to investigators, Shaw confessed to downloading about 100 pictures of boys from the internet.

Authorities said he also admits to molesting an 11-year-old boy from January, 2012 to January, 2013 and posting pictures of the abuse online.

Officers told Newswatch 16 that parents should speak with their children and ask questions to help prevent sexual abuse.

"You just need to be vigilant and talk to your son or daughter, you know making them aware it's okay to talk to mom or dad or a trusted adult if you feel like someone has done something that's wrong to them," said County Detective Charles Balogh.

Investigators in Luzerne County said they were tipped off about Shaw by the National Center for Missing and Exploited children.


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