Thieves Steal Dozens of Car Parts from Local Shop

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PARRYVILLE -- An auto parts business in Carbon County is hoping the community will be able to help them find the people responsible for stealing dozens of catalytic converters.

Catalytic converters are part of the exhaust system in your car that is very expensive.

Workers believe the crime happened about two weeks ago, but wasn't noticed until recently.

About a week ago, Christopher Styer started noticing something strange about some of the vehicles at his workplace, LKQ Auto Parts in Parryville.

Styer and his fellow co-workers were taking the old cars apart for parts and noticed some catalytic converters were gone.

"We started seeing the exhaust hanging down and we started looking under random vehicles and started realizing there were massive amount of them stolen," said Styer, the LKQ inventory manager.

More than 50 vehicles were targeted. Workers say whoever did this, knew what to do.

"We had evidence that people got into the yard, jacked up the vehicle and cut the catalytic converters from underneath them," said Chris Clipp, the LKQ operations manager.

"It's disappointing because a lot of us got to work hard for our paycheck and somebody can walk out with $5,000 worth of merchandise in one day, you know what I mean?" said Styer.

Workers say due to the recent crime, more security will be put in place surrounding the business.

"Right now I called in a fence company. They came out yesterday and they're going to start this weekend. We are going to finish barb wiring all the way around. We're stepping up our security," said Styer.

The state police are investigating and looking over the surveillance video to see if they can identify any suspects.

Anyone with any information about the stolen catalytic converters is asked to call police.