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Neighbors Save Woman, Dogs From Fire

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JERSEY SHORE -- Neighbors and firefighters are being credited with saving the lives of a woman in a wheelchair and three of her dogs after her house caught fire Monday night in Jersey Shore.

A state police fire marshal believes an extension cord caused the fire.

One of the people who lived in the house uses a wheelchair.  She was watching TV in her bedroom when her neighbor ran inside and saved her.

The fire marshal sifted through what is left of this house on Bailey Alley in Jersey Shore. Hours earlier, smoke and flames ripped through the home in Lycoming County.

Mary Fox is confined to a wheelchair.  She was watching TV in her bedroom.

"My neighbor came running in and was pulling me, saying 'Get up! Your house is on fire!'"

Fox and her boyfriend lived in the house with their five dogs.  Neighbors and firefighters were able to rescue three of the animals.

"They were trying to get back in. The firemen were trying to keep them out so I grabbed one of them to keep it from going back in," said neighbor Danielle Guthrie.

The fire marshal believes the fire was electrical and was caused by an extension cord.

Investigators say the house is a total loss and Fox and her boyfriend lost everything inside.  But Fox says she is grateful three of her dogs were saved.

"They're everything to her.  She takes them to get the mail.  She just loves them," said Guthrie.

Fox credits her neighbor Dan Guthrie with saving her life and other neighbors and firefighters with saving three of her dogs.

"There was a guy telling him my house was on fire.  He ran out the back door, didn't even touch the fence and came running down the alley."

"It ain't like you think about it.  You just help out because I know how she feels about the dogs so I wanted to help her," Guthrie added.

Fox, her boyfriend, and the three dogs are staying with neighbors.  They do not have insurance.