Man Jailed After Shocking Child Abuse Allegations

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JERSEY SHORE -- A man is locked up on assault charges after a horrific case of alleged child abuse.

The man is jailed on charges he repeatedly assaulted a 3-year-old boy.

Authorities in Lycoming County say when the 3-year-old child was taken to the hospital Sunday, doctors found about 80 injures on the boy's body.

Both old and new injuries, according to investigators, indicated that the alleged abuse occurred over a period of time.

State police say Christopher Schenck, 22, abused his girlfriend's 3-year-old son, allegedly beat the child so severely that the boy has a brain injury and internal bleeding.

State police say when they got to the boy's apartment on Sunday, they found him unresponsive and naked on the floor.  The child has a brain injury, internal bleeding, and many other injuries but investigators say the boy's condition is improving. Doctors told police the injuries are consistent with physical abuse.

The boy's mother was leaving the apartment she shared with Schenck in Jersey Shore as Newswatch 16 arrived. Her only comment was her son's condition is improving.

Troopers say the child was flown to Geisinger Medical Center on Sunday with around 80 injuries including damage to his liver and pancreas.

According to court papers, on Sunday investigators found the boy naked and unresponsive on the floor of that apartment building.  Schenck told police the boy fell while in the bathtub and his other injuries happened while he was fishing.

State police say the boy's doctors believe the injuries were caused by physical abuse over a period of time.

"It's absolutely disgusting."

Jeremy Chapman lives down the street from Schenck.

"It's absolutely horrible knowing it happened this close to us and not knowing anything about it, that is was going on.  It's heartbreaking, actually."

According to court papers, Schenck was released from jail in 2011 on forgery charges. Neighbors say he moved to Jersey Shore less than two months ago.

Kristen Merrill says her husband recently heard Schenck yelling at the child.

"The poor boy was just sitting there on a hill just playing like a normal child."

Neighbors say they are broken-hearted over the abuse allegations.

Betty Sholder says the 3-year-old child is a sweet boy.

"He seemed awful cute.  He was real good. He was just standing there, you know?"

State police say Christopher Schenck denied abusing the child.  He is locked up on $1 million bail.

Investigators say the child is on a ventilator at the hospital.