Carbon County Landmark Reopens

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- It's a Carbon County landmark and after being closed for four years it reopened Friday.

When you think of a farmers market, you probably think of fruits and vegetables. The Mahoning Farmers Market near Lehighton has those goodies but a lot more.

Customer Jim Keyes said he's finding everything you can think of is here.

"Curiosity brings you out and you'll buy something, I'm sure. Not just produce, clothing or tools or something of that nature."

The Mahoning Farmers Market is a landmark, a landmark that was closed for four years, until Floyd Santee leased the property.

"The gentleman retired who had this. He was 71 years old and he decided to pull out. He was getting a lot of aches and pains in his shoulders and stuff and couldn't handle it anymore," Santee explained.

Customer Marvin Haydt is glad the market has reopened.

"I am surprised about all the vendors that are here. I used to come here a lot."

Vendors, including Samantha Shumack, are also happy.

"My brother's wife and I drove by here last week and we found out that it was cheaper than the place we were selling before."

Vendor Marlyn Snyder said he hopes the farmers market catches on after being closed for four years.

"It went downhill. It didn't go downhill in one year; it did it over a period of time. I was in it for 27 years and it was a real good farmers market then it just, competition."

The owner of the Mahoning Farmers Market says he's pleased with the amount of business for the first day.