Andrew’s Walk

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- It took a 12-year-old boy nearly two hours to reach his elementary school in South Williamsport Friday morning, but when he did he received the welcome he deserved.

The day was finally here for Andrew Kriebel.  At his home in Duboistown, Andrew's nurse and school aid helped him to his feet.

All three then set out to walk more than two miles to Andrew's school.

Andrew lost his ability to walk several years ago and has suffered from seizures since he was 1 year old.  He was diagnosed with a brain disorder called Angelman syndrome but he also had the will to walk again and had a lot of support to reach that goal

"These hills in south side are tough ones, so for him to take this challenge on, that's amazing," said Danielle Fox.

The hills in South Williamsport are tough for anyone, let alone Andrew. He stopped along the way to cool down and get hydrated. His nurse Kevin and school aid Laura have been helping him train for this grueling walk to school.

"He's a good kid, real good kid, deserves better. I'm just proud to be able to share a little bit with him," said Kevin Shreckengast.

The thing about this walk is that it's not just for Andrew and his family; it's for a special foundation for other kids. Andrew's walking the distance, trying to help kids like him have a better life.

Pretty soon Andrew was only one block from Central Elementary School and the entire school came out to cheer him on.

"He needs it so he can pull it off, get it done and over with," said Andrew's classmate Michael Hill.

Andrew and his helpers kept moving through the crowd, fueled by the support from the school and community.

"Let's go Andrew, let's go!"

And in the final push, Andrew reached the finish line and his parents.

"You did it, good job!"

"He's my hero.  I can't talk because I don't think I can ever do what he does," said Andrew's mom Amy Kriebel.

"Andrew will never go to a prom, never drive a car, never play sports. This was his one time to shine, and did he ever shine!" said Andrew's dad Dean KriebeL.