Stroudsburg Pool Opening Saturday

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- If you're looking to escape from the heat, the Danbury Park Pool in East Stroudsburg is open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. this week. But swimmers in Stroudsburg will have to wait a few more days until that pool opens this weekend.

It's down to the wire for pool and borough employees at Stroudsburg borough pool as they work to get the pool ready to open up this Saturday.

"What we're doing here today is cleaning up everything.  Scrubbing the concessions area, the girls' bathrooms, the boys' bathrooms, putting all the benches and tables where they need to be, cleaning out the trash cans," said Jaimie Juschitsch, a lifeguard.

The borough workers are also hard at work painting a bright yellow line along the perimeter of the pool.

Everyone is working long, hard hours in the blazing sun because the pool opening is a week behind schedule.

"This one needed to be painted before it could be refilled and there was some caulking issues that didn't dry because of some bad weather that came up," said Beth Dwyer, the recreation director.

By Saturday the Stroudsburg borough pool will be filled and open to the public from noon to 7:00 p.m. throughout the summer and depending on the weather.

The pool is able to be open full-time after Saturday mainly because of the 35 lifeguards on staff, half of them are home from college.

That includes Juschitsch, who doesn't mind coming in before the season to get everything ready for a busy summer.

"We've been coming in at nine o'clock and we've been staying here until we kinda need to. Yesterday we were shopping for candy for the snack stand and today we're doing the finishing touches," said Juschitsch.

And all those finishing touches will be in place for when the pool opens for the season on Saturday at noon.