Shootout: New Details Emerge

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MOUNT CARMEL---Investigators in Upper Darby Township released new details about a shootout that left a man wanted for a shooting in Northumberland County dead.

Mount Carmel police said 31-year-old Anthony Galla, a former police officer and Marine, used a key he found hidden on the porch area of this house along South Walnut Street in Mount Carmel borough and snuck into his ex-girlfriend's home.

Once inside, police said he shot at his ex's boyfriend half a dozen times, eventually hitting him in the foot before taking off.

A few hours later, police said Galla called his ex-girlfriend, telling her and then a police officer who took the phone, "there are two ways this will end. One is good and one is bad."

Later in the day, U. S. Marshals said they found Galla at a hotel in Upper Darby Township near Philadelphia.

They said when they went into his room, he was pointing a weapon.

Marshalls fired and Galla was killed.

Investigators said Galla had guns, a bag of ammunition, several bullet-proof vests, tear gas canisters, hatchets and knives in his room.

"If he had an opportunity to have all the stuff ready to go, this would have been a long drawn out affair and unfortunately probably some police offiers or civilians would have gotten killed," said Police superintendent Michael Chitwood of Upper Darby Township.

Some people in Mount Carmel said they were not surprised to learn how the manhunt for Anthony Galla ended.

"I mean if he was armed and dangerous the cops have to protect themselves, so I wasn`t shocked at all that he was dead, I was actually relieved," said Selena Dutter of Mount Carmel.

"Knowing that this guy had a background of military and cop experience, they had to do what they had to do. This guy already shot one guy who`s to say he wouldn`t shoot at them? They had to protect themselves and do what they had to do," said Elizabeth Bright of Mount Carmel.