Restoring A Piece Of Firefighting History

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MARLIN -- Some students in Schuylkill County are getting a real life history lesson that they can touch and see.

Students are getting their hands dirty at the Schuylkill Technology Center in Marlin. They love it. They're restoring a 1922 fire truck.

The antique was sold about 50 years ago by the Tamaqua Fire Department. It bounced around the country as far away as Florida. In April, it was found and purchased by the Tamaqua Historical Society.

Teacher Ed Pollack said it was a big deal when the fire truck was brought back to the borough.

"I was watching it at home on Channel 16 when they were first unloading it. I said 'I wonder who is going to work on that truck? It would be pretty cool to get my hands on it and see how it's put together.' The next morning my phone rang and asked me if I would do it."

The old fire truck is temperamental, too.  To get it started, it had to be towed and using the clutch it sprang to life.

Getting the truck running is very important to student Zach Goepfert who refused to take a break.

"When we first got it running it took a while. I liked driving it around and stuff."

"I understand you hid under the truck. You didn't even want to take lunch."


Student Dakota Boyer likes restoring the old truck.

"I think it's kind of cool to work on something so old. I am into older vehicles I am not really into the newer stuff and I think it's exciting, every time you get it running."

School officials hope to have the 1922 fire truck up and running on its own power in time for this fall's Tamaqua Heritage Parade.