Charged Chief Wants Bail Reduced

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SCRANTON -- A police chief in Lackawanna County facing criminal charges wants his bail reduced, and his argument has to do with the way the state attorney general's office arrested him.

Suspended Scott Township Police Chief James Romano was arrested last month after he was accused of having sex with a witness in one of his cases. A tactical team showed up at his home the day of the arrest to issue the warrant and now Newswatch 16 is learning Romano's account of what happened

Newswatch 16 obtained paperwork filed by Romano's defense attorneys that said that tactical team showed up at Romano's door near Montdale with guns pointed at the chief and his teenage daughter.

The attorneys also claimed that Romano had promised to turn himself in but instead was cuffed and brought to be arraigned without his attorneys knowing. Attorneys said that's a reason why Romano's $150,000 bail should be reduced.

Romano is facing a number of felony charges for that alleged relationship with a witness. He's charged with tampering with evidence, solicitation to bribe, and intimidation of a witness.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the Deputy Attorney General prosecuting Romano's case. He would only say that the tactical team was used as a precaution but said he couldn't explain why. The Attorney General's Office plans to argue against reducing Romano's bail at a court hearing later on this week.