Special Salute From High Above The Wyoming Valley

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WEST PITTSTON -- Members of the armed forces were honored with a parade on the ground and a special salute in the air during one Memorial Day event in Luzerne County.

Families lined the parade route along Wyoming Avenue from West Pittston to Exeter.

While many kids collected candy during the parade, some parents said the Memorial Day events offered an opportunity to remind youth about the sacrifices made by service members.

"My dad was in the Navy. My father-in-law was in the Army. It's something very special to know that there are people out there fighting for us," said Cindy Alder of Harding.

"They shouldn't be forgotten. My whole family is military related, all the way to my son, Aaron, he’s in the United States Army, in the National Guard," said Gina Steve of Exeter.

High above the parade route, pilot Joe Scrobola flew a North American T-28C over West Pittston, and several other parades in Luzerne County, as a salute to veterans.

"The average person loves to see the plane go over. The military plane for the military people. It's just a great honor, a great honor for them," said Scrobola.