Hundreds of Balloons Honoring the Fallen

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Led by a team of Patriot Guard Riders, a sea of 300 red, white and blue balloons was paraded through Tunkhannock as part of a Memorial Day tribute to fallen Staff Sgt. Steven Tudor.

Kendra Lynn says her brother was killed in Iraq about six years ago, but she still remembers how she felt the moment she heard the news.

"My heart just sank because I knew that something was wrong," said Lynn.

Monday's sea of brightly colored balloons, each for a solider killed in action, is her tribute to her brother, a Staff Sergeant from Dunmore.

"It means so much to my family and it's a way to honor all of these men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice," said Lynn.

Behind each balloon is a story, tied tightly to it in tribute – many families honoring those they love.

"George Pugliese, my brother-in-law, who was killed in action September 28, 2005," said Sheri Allison.

Allen Raczkowski of Harveys Lake is a wounded veteran himself, honoring his best friend and fallen battle buddy, Justin.

"When I first got to Fort Campbell, he was the first guy I met, and he and I were extremely close and, ever since then, I've been trying to do things like this," said Raczkowski.

As the about 300 balloons are released into the sky, these families and this community say they feel closer to the soldiers they've lost.

"Words can't even describe how wonderful this is. It's actually a very great feeling," said Allison.

"It made me feel really good knowing that people appreciate it. There's a lot of people who never made it home,”"said Raczkowski.

And as 300 balloons floated into the skies, these families say their heroes are watching and proud.