Young Athletes Pitch In to Help Tornado Relief

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Little batters got some big-time guidance at the Pocono Dome in Monroe County on Saturday. Baseball coaches from two area colleges participated in a clinic as part of a 14-hour-long fundraiser for Red Cross tornado relief in Oklahoma.

General manager Pat O'Connell has friends who live close to the area of central Oklahoma where the massive twister hit. He called the Red Cross to see how he could help.

He says, "They liked the idea of the event, but they didn't have the staff to host it and we said, that's what we do!"

Participants could chip in cash at the front counter or try their luck with raffle baskets geared toward athletes, sports fans and families.

Parents were pleased to see their kids get involved with charity by doing something they already love.

Michelle Wager says, "My son asked, 'Why are we coming here today, Mom? Just for baseball?' I said, 'No, not just for baseball. To help support the American Red Cross because they are helping the people in Oklahoma where we just had the horrible tornado. So at least he knows.'"