Man Recovering After Lightning Strike

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- Last night's storms in Luzerne County brought lots of lightning. One man near Nuangola was injured by a lightning strike but survived.

He was working on his car in the garage and thought he was safe form the storm but Michael Heller was injured when lightning struck just a few feet away in his yard.

Paramedics were called to Heller's home on Saint Mary's Road near Nuangola around 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

Heller says on the advice of his doctor, he's not doing interviews on camera to keep his blood pressure down. He told us that he was working on the brakes of his Pontiac Grand Prix inside the garage when the lightning bolt hit outside.

Desiree Lynn Wersinger lives a few hundred yards away on Saint Mary's road.  She says the lightning sounded like an explosion shaking her home.

"I saw a couple of flashes in the sky. It looked like pretty awesome. But when that first strike went down, I saw a big line between the trees over there and it made a big sound and woke up my whole family," Wersinger said. "It's very scary. I hope he's safe and I hope everything is fine and I hope his family is fine and everything, because I can just imagine what they're going through right now after that."

Heller was released from the hospital Friday morning. He says he's still has several follow up visits with doctors but he is expected to recover.